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I Was A Casualty

Recently, I posted this tweet: “Siblings can be the silent casualty in a family’s battle with autism.” One follower was less than thrilled with my use of the terms “casualty” and “battle”.  Side note: Something you should know about this site: We don’t do drama. Folks are very welcome to disagree and have other ideas […]

Autism: “Adjusting With What You Have”

Several years ago, I had the chance to have a very highly-touted “Autism Expert” meet my children.     I’m the proud mother of quadruplets: one girl and three boys, two of whom are identical.     They were about 3 years old at the time of the meeting with the “Expert”.  The identical twin […]


Two Children With Autism Kicked Off USAirways Flight #184

 “Why is it always the kids with Autism who have to leave?”  **UPDATE** – See below… I’m sitting aboard USAirways Flight 184.  This is the best information I have about why not one, but TWO young people with Autism and their parents were kicked off of our flight.  We boarded the plane. I am sitting […]

Did The Connecticut Elementary School Shooter Have Autism?

There are reports & rumors that the shooter in the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy had Autism. Is this official? Not yet. I’ve also read that Adam Lanza may have had a ‘personality disorder’. In my reality, there is absolutely nothing worse than losing a child. Like many others, I’ve spent the last few days […]


New App For Teaching Children With Autism Is Now Available!

Technology options for children with Autism are amazing! It seems like each week there is a new program or app that can be used as another way to engage our kids.  Today is no different. Different Roads To Learning, Inc a global retailer of educational products for children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and […]

Black-er Friday Sale: Top 10 Gifts For Children With Autism

If you have a loved one diagnosed with Autism on your shopping list, you MUST check out this webinar!  We interview Alycia, owner of about some terrific therapy toys that can be used with therapist and parents. Helping you help your loved ones THRIVE is our motto and it starts with having the right […]


What Would You Do?

Has this happened to you?  When you are out with your family and you child with Autism has a tantrum in a public place, do people look and stare or do they help out? ABC’s “What Would You Do?” recently did a show on how parents who have a child with Autism experience public scrutiny […]

Getting Ready For Winter Fun: Preparing Your Child With Autism For Success!

Although it is March, it’s never too late to begin thinking about winter sports for your child with Autism. Snow is still on the slopes, it’s not bitterly cold and the ice rink is open year round. From skiing, to snowboarding, to tubing and ice skating, there are many terrific choices to get your child […]


Basic Bread – Gluten-Free

Gluten Free / Casein Free foods can be difficult to find at an affordable price.  For some popular foods, it can be less expensive to make it on your own. recently began to post recipes that are Gluten Free. Hurray! We tried out a bread recipe in our “test kitchen” (haha) and it was […]

Diet Tips For Autism

Gut research shows that many people diagnosed with Autism suffer from gut issues that make it difficult to process certain foods.  The result is that they have an allergy to foods that cause significant stomach and bowl pain and constipation.  In addition, for people diagnosed with Autism, they can loose focus, socialization skills will diminish, […]


Autism: We Must Teach In The Way A Child Can Learn

Do you agree? If you would like to embed this image on your site simply copy and paste the below code into your next blog post: Created by This is my philosophy when it comes to teaching. Children are all different, every single one of them. We can try as hard as we want, […]

Setting Up An ABA Home Program

  Have you ever wanted to know how to give your child more therapy opportunities at home, but you could not figure out how to do it?  Then you must listen to our interview with Alice Walkup, a Clinical Supervisor at Behavioral Therapy Inc. Many parents cannot afford the cost of increased therapy hours, because […]

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The Provincial Government Has Broken Its Own Promise

| November 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

Children with Autism are becoming adults with Autism. Families who have children with Autism are struggling with the current lack of assitance from the government. They are being told to abandon their adult children. Government officials need to look this epidemic and realize that what is in place for these families is not enough. These […]

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Autism And The Ultimate Goal: Independence

| October 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

Autism can get in the way when you are 27 and you want to move out of your parent’s home. You want independence and know you are a capable person. This will probably involve getting support, most likely from your parents. It can also be about where you are now with your goals and what […]

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Community Helps Boy With Autism Get A Service Dog

| October 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Thanks to the efforts of one compassionate community, a boy with Autism now has his own service dog. Individuals and businesses in Wichita, Kansas, came together and bought the canine for David Hartley, who is four years old and suffers from severe Autism. David has urges to run into the street, even when he is […]

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